Lions Head Hike Table Mountain Cape Town

This was really brilliant start to the new year for me. I have never done this hike and loved every second of it. It has motivated me to finally start going on crag events, they ran this route the Wednesday after us. Guy and I missioned our way up the mountain, we got to the top in 35 minutes a good 20 minutes before the rest of the crew started arriving. Joe was the last straggler taking well over an hour to get up the mountain. Like the other hippie tourist on top of the mountain we sat there ate snacks and watched the sunset before climbing down.
In an attempt to make more female friends I went down with Dale and his hoes, we had a leisurely walk down with the moonlight and some very colourful conversation.

Traditionally people do this hike as we did on a full moon, to watch the sunset and then clamber down with the moon light. In reality, even if you watch the sunset you get down pretty quickly before it is truly dark. Spending an evening on the top of a windy mountain, with 20 other strangers despite it being beautiful is not as romantic as it sounds.

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