Partition Drives
# fdisk /dev/mmcblk0
# mkfs.vfat -F 16 /dev/mmcblk0p1
# mkswap /dev/mmcblk0p2
# mkfs.ext4 /dev/mmcblk0p3


# mount /dev/mmcblk0p3 /mnt/gentoo/
# mkdir /mnt/gentoo/boot
# mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /mnt/gentoo/boot/

Install files

# cd /tmp/
# wget
# tar xfj stage3-armv6j_hardfp-YYYYMMDD.tar.bz2 -C /mnt/gentoo/

Install boot files

# cd /tmp/
# git clone --depth 1 git://
# cd firmware/boot
# cp bootcode.bin start.elf kernel.img /mnt/gentoo/boot/
# cp -r ../modules /mnt/gentoo/lib/
# vi /mnt/gentoo/boot/cmdline.txt
root=/dev/mmcblk0p3 rootdelay=2

Setup gentoo

# vi /mnt/gentoo/etc/fstab
# vi /mnt/gentoo/etc/shadow
# vi /mnt/gentoo/etc/make.conf
CFLAGS="-O2 -mcpu=arm1176jzf-s -mfpu=vfp -mfloat-abi=hard"

To merge or cat the video files from my Samsung Galaxy S3 on Ubuntu I use MP4Box.

Make sure you have it installed.

sudo apt-get install gpac

This is the one liner I use with some magic.

MP4Box `for i in \`ls *.mp4\` ; do echo -n "-cat $i "; done` -new output.mp4

I still can't make my mind up if its been a shitty or a good year. Started the year without a solid plan and it pretty much took the whole year to bring the plan together. It was a lot harder than I thought to get out of Ireland and then get setup in London. Maybe was a little naive thinking that moving to London was the easy option.

As standard top 10 in no apparent order:

  • Cape Town visit and holiday romance
    What a friggin good holiday, I hadn't been home for 2 years, so was really good to have such a long holiday to reconnect with all my friends. Also to make a few new ones, nod nod wink wink. Even if that hasn't seem to work out that well. A boy can still have hope.
  • Faithless Concert
    Totally spontaneously I got a call saying, Faithless are playing tonight. Faithless are on my "Must see before I die" list, magically I got a ticket online and that evening we where watching Goldfish open and then Faithless.
    The live performance beat everyone of my expectations, so many quality tunes.

  • Alfa Romeo 147
    After loosing my little Fiat last year, part of the repair my soul plan was to get an awesome car in the UK. R was kind enough to take me car shopping and after driving a few token Toyota's we found this solid 147, 2 litre engine and BOSE sound system. Love it to bits, even if it breaks down at some stage it is worth it. Servicing has been a little expensive (as has insurance), but "Maria the Beast" has been reliable as a Japan bullet train.
  • Rise Against Concert

    Another band on my "Must see before I die" list. I probably got a little over excited buying 4 tickets assuming it would be on everyone else's list. Turns out they aren't on many people list but I managed to rope in another vegan and force fed R, Rise Against CD's so that he wouldn't hate it. Concert itself was crazy and sweaty which is good. A big surprise was Billy Bragg and Tom Morello that opened the gig. Just seeing them was almost enough. We all represented in the pit, keeping up with all the little emo kids.
  • Getting out of Ireland
    As much as I was not happy in Ireland and as happy as I was to finally get out of the damp place. I spent nearly 4 years with it being "home", so it is always going to have a little spot in my heart. Just before I left, I was actually getting pretty settled there. Good circle of friends and decent progress in the gym. It's always like that when you leave a place though, you milk it for the last 6 months because you know you will never be there again.
  • Bodyweight overhead
    Be careful what you tell kids! When I was 13 years old, I went away for a holiday on a farm. The farm owner took me under his wing and we did all kind of manly things (like hunting). One of his stories was about when he was just out the army, how he could lift his own bodyweight above his head. This is actually pretty hard to do. In my mind he was a monster of a man, but looking at the pictures he was actually not that big and I have made it harder for myself by bulking up. Not to take anything away from his own achievement, but I think he would be pretty chuffed if he knew I can now get my own bodyweight overhead.

    This is also pretty much the start of my Olympic lifting "career", this coming year should be the year of easy gains. Maybe even get close to snatching my own bodyweight, which is the sign of a true athlete.

  • VF week in Austria
    The yearly VF week is always great, this year was no exception. Solid week of great food, lot's of training and interesting people in a foreign country. Ticks all the boxes for me.
  • Emerald Green St Patricks Day
    St Paddies day is a point in my Ireland time line because I arrived in Cork on St Paddies in 2008, see each one has been exactly a year since I arrived. This years was awesome as we went on a pub crawl with the Cork CS group ending up in beer garden with people singing folk songs.
  • London
    Love and hate London, the city really eats you and your money up. Feel so privileged to actually have a job in a cool location and with a view of the Thames. The big plan was to live in central but it was just impossible, too expensive unless I went into a house share and even if I was in central getting around is a nightmare.
  • Rock Climbing
    R bullied me into doing this, at the moment I am totally the wrong shape to be doing this kind of stuff. It is fun though and awesome excuse for the boys to hang out once a week.
Very randomly my road trip campaign just quoted this verse, from the Yeats poem Easter.
"I write it out in a verse -
MacDonagh and MacBride
And Connolly and Pearse
Now and in time to be,
Wherever green is worn,
Are changed, changed utterly:
A terrible beauty is born."

This was almost the last thing I was expecting to hear from him, especially after we had spent the previous hour singing along to my Johnny Cash compilation.

We were driving back from a very eventful weekend up in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Both of us competed in the all Ireland powerlifting nationals, having driven up after work on Friday evening.

While planning the trip and speaking to friends in Cork, I was amazed by the kinds of warnings I got about going up to the North. The people you would imagine to be the "toughest" guys I know, all said they wouldn't go up and that I must be careful.

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